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    How do you guys price sod jobs. I have a 20 by 3 rectangle to sod. It really won't be that that hats the sod IA only 1.98 for a 16 by 24 inch piece. Ho Mich do I charge for labor?

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    Not including prep work we charge $.55 on average per square foot sod and labor. We generally have a 500 ft minimum though as that's how we buy it. At that rate you'd only collect $15 +/- for labor even on bulk sod.

    You are looking at sod cost of about .96 per square foot (that's with our tax rate). Doubling that as some would do would put you at billing about $116 for the whole job. I would consider establishing a new minimum for pickup and labor. The job should take about 15 minutes to do the actual job if it's ready. Then you have to set up the sprinkler.

    I would consider a rate of $2.25 - $2.75 per foot for all involved and establish a minimum to tell this customer and the next if they feel the price is high.

    On a bigger job where you buy a pallet of sod laying the sod is the most time consuming part but as little as there is. You will be spending the greater time picking up, taking to site, trimming and making sure watering is properly in place.

    Consider $150 for the minimum figuring I could send a guy by himself to get the sod and complete the job and have him back on track with whatever else was going on in 90 minutes maybe 2hrs.

    That's just us though I might would have to tweak that price after the first one like that.


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      Not including prep work we charge $.55 on average per square foot sod and labor.
      What kind of prep work would you suggest he do and how would that effect the bid price?
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