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    Thank you so much for your help. Was it hard to work with them? And did the accounts pay as they should have or did you have to hassle them to get your money? Again thank you for the information.

    All of the companies are different. The first company I started with paid my $15 a cut. After taxes and expenses I made less than min wage. BUT I gained experience and learned a bunch of stuff. And when I contacted other companies I had experience to offer.

    The company I get the majority of my work from now pays $40 per yard. The yards take me 20-45 minutes. I get 2 rotations of about 30 houses per month from them so 30x$40x2= $2400 a month for about 4-5 days work, just from one company. I contract with 5 but not all send me that much work.

    I also do lock changes, widow boarding, small trash outs and some other things.

    It take awhile to get the ball rolling but it is honest work.

    I have had good luck getting paid. One hiccup with a company but it was a computer error and they sent a payment out the next day.


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