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    Can someone help me? I have two large apartments to bid on and I am looking for someone who would not mind sending me the steps on how the bid it and if you won the bid I would like to see your contract. I have two weeks and have got a lot done but want to make sure I have everything before I hand the bid in. They are new and not moved into yet and will have sod and plants already set in place. Bid is mowing blowing, cleaning and trimming. Some fertilizer will be needed as well. I know how to do all these things but getting it on paper to look professional is another issue. Steve got me in contact with one guy but he will not respond so please help if any of you have the time. I have 5 smaller apartment complex now, a church, and a few town homes. All my other are res customers. Thanks!

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    Did you happen to see this discussion?

    It included a contract example from one lawn care business owner who was putting a bid to the town to provide service to a whole bunch of lots.

    It may help.

    Has this complex presented you with anything or are they looking to you to provide the contract?
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