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  • Blind Esitmate...?

    **Just realized i posted in the intro yourself sect. Admin: Can yall move this for me to the correct place?**

    Hello everyone! I know this is a no no but I am just starting out and need the work.

    A coworker of mine wants to hire someone to go and do a yard clean up on a residential property (1/4 acre). This property is about an hour away. I could ask for photos of the place but I do not have the funds to drive so far just for an esitmate but I would like the work.

    Since I do not know what to expect at this point, I was thinking a flat rate of $75 an hour. I will request photos of the yard and see what the deal is at that point.

    **Got the address and googled it. Street view and can see the backyard somewhat. Backyard has an enclosed pool area so the back yard is tiny and the front yard is large with a lot of oaks and palms in front. PM me for address and additional thoughts**

    Anyone have ideas or advice?
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    adding two hours round trip drive time,this yard is going to be very expensive for you to maintain.


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      She only wanted to spend a $100 after I started offering services. It's a learning experience! Thanks though!


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        Here is a great story of how things can go bad when you bid sight unseen.

        My HUD housing mowing nightmare.

        Do you feel this was a learning experience? Did going through this help you get a better feeling on how you should be bidding on jobs in the future?
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