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    Hello guys need some help i have a job that is 75 feet to wall to be put in. Straight run. Over all needs to be 2feet high. the wall would not really be holding anything back. For the base run should i do one to two coruses down below grade? And how would u price this to labor.iam on the east coast.
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    Not sure what kind of block ur using but i have built a couple walls 6-9 ft in hight and just burried one block. they were backfilled to the top and have been fine. I used a geotech style fabric and put it between the courses and layed it back into the bank. and backfilled with #57 stone.


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      To well 75 feet 3foot wide by 2 feet high what do you think i should charge for labor. I have mini back hoe at 75hr . so i dont have to dig it by hand.


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        I'm with Byron on this as I usually only lock in the bottom course below grade. Are you saying your wall is 3' thick (mine usually aren't more than a foot at the cap)? Anyhow the digging isn't the part to worry about. Rather, It is the proper installation, leveling and compacting of your first run that will eat up your time and labor on a wall only 2' tall. Size and style of stone will be your other factor.


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