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Please help with what I should be charging

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  • Please help with what I should be charging

    I live in Fl. and we just got a sod and mulch job. We will be laying around 1300 sf of sod and around 800 sf of mulch. We will be taking out old grass and putting in the new also cleaning out the old mulch and putting in new red mulch. Of course we will be raking and bagging everything up and also removing 2 to 3 plants as well as trimming a tree what do you think a job like this would go for. I need to make money but I don't want to be too high either. Thank you for any advise

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    First off, how will you be removing the old grass or will you be tilling it up?
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      Well first of all we got the job which is awsome! But my husband weed-eats the lawn. While I get all the mulch and let me tell you it's alot! It is 4 different plant beds and they are big. But we are just so grateful for the work we charged 1500 which we thought was fair what do you think?


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        $1500, did this include removing the old grass? At first glance I had quickly figured a price in my head right at $1800. However, I was still waiting to see how you would remove your old grass to figure this in there.

        I was figuring about $650 for sod and installation (with sod cost at about $250-300). Roughly $600 for mulch and installation. $200 for the mulch and shrub removal. Another $400 minimum for scraping the lot, harley raking and disposal of old grass.

        I figured up to 3 labor hours, installing sod, 8 labor hours removing and installing mulch, shrubs, misc, about another 8 hours for scraping, raking, hauling and disposing of old grass and setting up the sprinklers.

        How did your time compare to these and what methods did you use for each process.


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