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    I posted an ad on Clist today and got a response from a guy who wants his front and back yard cut and a medium sized bush cut down from the front of the house. He has a small yard, and I was wondering how you all would charge this. I want to add more to it like a clean up and whatever else it needs. Below are the pics of the property he emailed to me. Im going to physically look at it in the morning.
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    What kind of pictures are those? Why did he send you pictures of the actual walls and gutters of his house?

    What service are you going to do? Mowing and trimming the bush, or are you prepping for a repaint and are going to pressure wash his house?

    First, have you figured out your hourly rate? Do you have any idea how long this job will take?

    It seems pretty straight forward, just stop by, estimate how long you think it will take, add on 10% for miscalculations, and give him a bid.

    For the bush, that thing looks like it's in bad shape. I'm still learning about different flora, and I know some bushes can be really cut back without harm, whereas others could die if cut back too far. This could be one of those that if you trim it to where it should be it could die. You may want to identify the bush, and tell him what you think.

    And again, just take a guess at how long you think it will take.


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