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    Greetings. I am a member here, so I hope this is permissible to post. I am an administrator on another forum, and had posted there (as well as here) a mowing time calculator on an Excel spreadsheet. One of the members at the other site, Owen2008XL, went to work and came up with a version that would work on a SmartPhone. He gave me permission to share this with others that would find it useful. Now, I know very little about SmartPhones, so am not sure if this would work on other brands of phones or not. Anyway, Steve was nice enough to let me post the spreadsheet I came up with so I hope it's OK to post this file as well. This calculator is already pre-loaded with info, so you just delete what is there and substitute your own info. Beyond that, I am not going to be able to offer much operating information. Good Luck, and I hope it helps you guys do your calculating faster and on site rather than back at the office.
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