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New Commercial Client also am now a Member of PLANET

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  • New Commercial Client also am now a Member of PLANET

    Well i thought i would post this here upon Steves suggestion.

    I have landed a commercial account. Its actually a well sorta kind HOA. Its a property with townhouses that is by Habitat for Humanity here in Pinellas county FL. I pushed to get this account. I know i have low balled on the monthly payment but with this one its not really about making top dollar. Why you ask. cause its also about volunteer type of work. So instead of doing it for nothing each month i will get $350.00 dollars a month from it.

    If they like the work i might even take over another location. Reason i lowered my bid so low is that its mostly flat ground and not to much trimming at the moment. Plus its a way for me to give back to the community.

    Oh and i have become a member of PLANET
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    Congratulations on getting that account.

    Keep us posted on how you like working with them.

    Also, how do you like being a member of Planet now? Do you feel it has helped your business?
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      i am new to PLANET so im sure in the long run it will help. there will be gatherings and such i can attend and vital info i can get


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