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  • Commercial Restaurant Contract

    Hi all -
    Was hoping for some insight help on this one.. I haven't done any commercial contracts before and the area that I am in isn't considered "upscale" or "high class" just a medium size town.. I have the opportunity to bid on a small restaurant - providing lawn care maintenance to the restaurant. I also would like to offer them the services of pressure washing their parking lot and side walks once per month and pressure washing their building twice per month. I have came up with $6,000 for the entire year - that is mowing, edging, trimming hedges, etc. - Is this a good price? It averages to $500/month. Like I said, I have never provided an estimate for a commercial business and haven't done this much landscaping maintenance in one location.. Please - any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Can you break this bid down and tell us how you came up with that price?

    Also do you have an overhead view of the property? With
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