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How much would you price this for Snow Removal.

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  • How much would you price this for Snow Removal.

    I have a chance to bid on these sites let me know approximatively you would charge for this. Lets say there is 3 inches of snow on the ground.

    thats the 1st one here is the second one.

    and finally here is the last.

    Please help me guys im new to this snow removal game thanks a bunch!!!!

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    I guess my first question is what are you plowing with, width of blade, type of blade. Your second and third are the same location. What experience do you have plowing?
    Halifax, Nova Scotia


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      i would be plowing with a 7 foot blade. This is my 1st time. any advise?


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        Three more questions, every commercial snow plowing job where I live requires you to salt/sand, are you required to do this also?

        Do you already have the plow, truck, priced insurance?

        Does the plow have power angle? I find this critical for commercial plowing as you are always changing the angle and if it's manual, the time really starts adding up.

        Should you get a large amount of snow, commercial accounts here want either snow removal or loader use included to pile the snow up, if you do not have a loader, this can drive the price. Here in Halifax, on average you will use a loader on a site three times a year.

        I say average as quoting snow removal here is desperate hard, I have gone 5 winters in 26 years and never dropped a plow, on the other hand I have seen me plow three times a week from mid November to mid March. And of course everything in between.
        Halifax, Nova Scotia


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          The best way to me is to charge per hour and per material. By doing this you dont loose any money and they are getting charged an honest amount. if you do it per inches or per storm they can say well at my house it wasnt that much and then you have a problem. charge per hour you will make all your wonderfull snow money and your cstomer will be paying for honest hard work. remember how much your plow cost transmission brakes oil any other parts they are not cheap thats why the people want you to do it.


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            The best way to me is to charge per hour and per material.

            In such situations, do you ballpark a price range for the customer or do they ever say, limit it to a max of this amount of time?

            I would figure most people would want some type of price range idea before they give a go ahead. How do you suggest handling that?
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