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    I was asked to put in a bid on a medium size Catholic school, the school sits on approx 3 city blocks, with a football field,small 30 plot cematary in back, and approx 2 more areas the size of football fields of open areas on the property.and alot of common areas in front and around the school. the whole area is fenced , with alot of trimming and edging to do. I'm thinking it would take 1 full day (8-10 hrs) with 2-3 helpers to mow, trim,edge,clean up the entire area. I'm new to the mowing business but I'm equipped to handle the job. I'm averaging $40-$60 a hour mowing residential accounts by myself, but this will be my first commercial bid. my question is ,I'm gonna have to hire 2-3 helpers at $10 a hour, do i add my extra expense of helpers to my bid? so insted of $60 a HR charge $80 a HR? and since it a commercial property could or should i charge more?

    what would some of you charge if you work for 8-10 hours a commercial property with 2-3 helpers.?????

    by the way i just started my lawn company 2 months ago, I'm licensed and insured, and things are going great, better yet its been awsome. I'm picking up accounts like crazy, I'm a full time firefighter and it seems like I'm running a full time and a half yard service. I've been very lucky (so far).

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    Welcome to our forum.

    Yes you need to include all your costs in your bid. So make sure you include your employee costs.

    I wouldn't charge more than your residential customers simply because they are commercial.

    Another thing to consider is, are there additional expenses associated with those employees? I know you said they get paid $10 an hour, but what about the tax you need to with hold for them?
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