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  • Biggest account yet....

    So I am waiting to hear final word on one of the biggest accounts I have been approached about. Property management group contacted me with over 80 properties they wanted serviced on a biweekly basis. Most of the properties are bare, flat land. Less than 10 have homes on them some of those with only foundations poured.

    Property has been neglected, small growth pines are popping up everywhere, maybe 10 on each lot, some have no trees most have atleast 5 to 10. All less than 10 foot tall, and random boulders/large rocks on the property too. Most of the rocks are easily handled, could fit 5 or so in a wheel barrow.

    I bid this job out at $30 per lot, lots are an average of .25 acre. I bid clean up at $100 per lot (removal of the small growth trees, rocks and any other brush).

    All the properties are on three streets in one subdivision. One unload, and work like hell. I dont feel as though I bid too low, or too high. But I wanted to know your opinion.

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    I am sorry I missed this one.

    What was your view on the amount of time it would take to do the jobs?
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      Personally I feel as though it will be a fair rate, as far as I am concerned. Take an hour maybe per lot to clean up and prep for mowing, thats a big maybe. $130 per lot for first time and cleanup, have 3 people cleaning up, 3 lots cleaned an hour. I figure with me and two people we can easily do 20 lots cleaned per day, 4 days cleaning, then between my two Scag Tiger cats, no time mowing, and one weedeating as we go.

      I am comfortable with the profit margins and time spent. Just sketchy of whether my bid will kick me out of the pool, some companies kick out the high and low guys and shoot for the middle.

      Just a rather large contract, and could really use the extra income from this type of contract.


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        Just for fun, I put the info thru the mowing time calculator that I posted in this section. Here's what I come up with on the mowing part:

        80 lots at average 1/4 acre each equals 871,200 sq ft to mow.

        Figured a 48 inch cutting width (as I am not familiar with your machines) X 2 units, with an effectiveness of .80, mowing at 5 ft per second.

        This will give you a mowing time of 907.5 minutes.

        Figured 100 linear ft to trim, at 1' per second. (each lot)

        Travel time to job site 45 mins. (3 men, 15 mins. each)

        25 minutes to unload, get machines running, find lost gloves, get drink of water, text message girl friend, ask for Friday off, etc. re-load machines (boss 5 mins, helpers 10 mins)

        Blowing debris, cuttings, etc. from all 80 lots, 90 mins total.

        Additional 120 minutes total for lunch, break, helper to send text message to girlfriend to tell her he can't get Friday off, send another text message to girlfriend, trying to make her quit being mad. (Boss 30 mins, helpers 45 mins. ea.)

        Throw it all into the spreadsheet, and out comes the final results of 22.01 man hours.

        2 helpers and 1 boss should make this doable in a day.

        You were more looking for thoughts on your pricing, but this will give you an idea of time involved. You can plug in different times/variables as you see fit.


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          That was a great analytical study of the job! Very nice!

          Keep us posted on how this bid goes!
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