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  • Nuts

    I just finished a lawn job for this property management firm that I do alot of work for - the mowing is new this year. My wife helped me on this job

    2.29 acres, 8 bldgs (apartments), the timer on the rider showed 4.5hrs mower time, our actual time there was 6.5 hrs each

    I am charging them $240.00 this time, do you guys think this is reasonable, if not where would you guys be.


    Waist deep in grass

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    You should know your hourly rate by now since you sound like you been doing business for some time now with that company. I try and make 30-40$ an hr witch would be 195-260$. So if you know your hrly rate then ya 240 is ok. Our cost to do a job is different then yours.

    Also telling 2.29 acre doesnt tell us much besides how much grass, it doesnt say how many obstacle hills difficulty type stuff. Thats why you cant really ask us if its ok price wise. We dont know. Also is that inline with market value for that work?

    lol I sound like a dick dont I. Sorry long(HOT) day.
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      Have you taken your total monthly expenses and divided them by the total amount of man hours you work per month? That should give you an idea of how much it is costing you per man hour to be in business.

      With this job you seem to be making $36 an hour. When you compare that to your hourly operating expenses, you should be able to find if this is working out as a good deal or bad deal for you.

      As the properties get larger, business owners tend to lose more money on them because they underbid the job.

      Keep us posted on what you come up with as far as an hourly operating cost.
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