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  • brush

    How long does it take you guys on average to clear brush with a weedeater and 50 inch mower.Alos pull weeds on 2 500 sqf flower beds
    Cubcadet ztr
    husquvarna blower craftsman professional series trimmer w/ homade harness
    60 gallon fimco pull type sprayer

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    Interesting question. With all do respect, around here brush is cleared with chainsaws. Not weed eaters or mowers. If you are referring to clearing weeds, it still depends on the type of weed eaters you have and the type of weeds you have, and are the weeds dry or still green? If still green, it usually takes twice as long as dry weeds. Is the ground level enough to ride the mower over? No rocks?
    And the 2500 sq ft beds. How full of weeds are they? How long has it been since it was maintained? It could take an hour, or a full day. It would be best if you had pictures since there are too many variables to give an accurate answer to your questions. Lets see what we are working with.
    Northern California


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      depends on how tall , thick etc for the brush, if teh beds dont have any plant material, id weedeat it, spray it out with anytype of non selctive weed killer, then gove a lil time and rake it out. unless your client wants it done that day.


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        As far as weeding goes if you are doing it by hand that sucks. have a customer i have been doing that for all summer. I charge 25 for the first hr and then 15 every hr after that. Is this a good price or am i low balling myself?


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