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I messed up :(

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  • I messed up :(

    I had a great opportunity to bid this job for a development co. You see she contacted me and sounded completely unsure of what she was looking for. I asked her what services she was interested in for the properties she was in charge of, she hmmm-hawwed and said "well you know the basic mowing, trimming, weed control, and weed removal of my mulch beds." I said " Great, I'll get right on it and have a bid submitted to you shortly." She follows with" ok, yeah just make sure you seperate each property, so I can submit a clean copy to the individual accounts showing a monthly cost." I said " No problem".

    That afternoon I reviewed each property, and was excited, I thought, this is simple enough, a good job to start the season with if I play my cards right. That evening I submitted what I thought was a pretty fair estimate, judging by local prices. One week to the day later, I recieve an e-mail notifying me that she "Decided it was best to just stay with her past service provider..." OK... So I submitted a reply, thanking her for taking the time to allow us to do business, and hopefully in the future we'll have the opportunity to provide her with a great service. I also asked her to take a brief moment and let us know if she felt we were over priced? Not the services she exactly wanted? ( You never know, especially how unsure she seemed when she called me, like she didn't even know what she was doing.)

    Well I got a reply, here goes:" Tyler, your bid was completely incomplete ( you like that, you can ACTUALLY be COMPLETELY INCOMPLETE on something, who knew?) So any ways back to the reply " Tyler, your bid was completely incomplete, when I'm expecting a bid I want to know the cost of spring/fall clean-up, mowing, trimming, weed and feed application, which should be four to six times a year my present company tells me, and I want a SEASONAL TOTAL for all the properties in one...

    Hmmmm... OK, apparently, I was completely lost when she told me to seperate the bids, at monthly rates mind you, so she could show the properties their monthly cost, and when did SHE mention Spring/Fall Clean-up? She never asked for those, I usually seperate those bids. I guess I'm going to have to refine my techniques... Hard lesson learned, That would have covered my business to a great seasonal beginning.

    Moral of the Story?

    I guess, be sure the person on the other end of the phone line, is on the same page as you, you can NEVER be too sure of knowing EXACTLY what they want. Also, just because they play it off like they don't know what the hell they are asking for exactly, doesn't mean they wont spin that and make it seem like YOU don't know what the hell you are doing. I mean it's just our jobs right?

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    If I've learned anything from the programming business its that most customers rely on you to tell them what they need. I am really bad at this.
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      wow, that sucks... good luck on the next one!


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        Hi Tyler,

        Sorry about all that happening. What do you feel you could have done differently to get better results?

        Did you ever get a chance to meet her?

        Should you have presented her the bids in person?

        Should you have called her after she got the bids to hear what her reflection on the bids were?

        Could you have re-submitted the bids to give her more of what she wanted?
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          You make some valid points Steve, I didn't have a chance to meet her she works in an office about 2 1/2 hours south of here and wanted me to just fax them rather than drive down. However, I feel I should have contacted her right away to see if it was what she was looking for, I was just afraid of being too pushy. I didn't have a chance to resubmit as she told me she already signed the other company. Lesson learned though.


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            I don't think following up on a bid is too pushy.

            Isn't it amazing how different the situation is when you can't give a bid in person? It really handicaps you because you don't get a chance to sell yourself. Instead only the price is selling.

            So ultimately the more you can sell yourself, the better your chances are of succeeding.

            Keep us posted on how your upcoming bids go!
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