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what to charge?????

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  • what to charge?????

    i started my lawn bizz last year and got a pretty good respose for the newspaper 25 clients i gave quotes that i that were reasonable about 15-30 dolllar a shot which averages out too about 325 +tx for about 6000sq feet is that to much or to little i'm having trouble gageing the pricesi need help
    i need quotes for 1000sq feet-2000sq feet****3000 sq feet-4000sq feet and 5000sq feet
    thank's jeff
    ps:i usually cut 3 times a months .whats the price for the lawns. i live in quebec city
    thank's again

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    Some people charge by the min. I charge by how much I want to make. Their is no real surefire way to price at lease don't think so. I guess the best way is to call other companies out an see what they charge. I bet if you call 3 companies out, you will get 3 different prices. There are some estimators on the forum check them out they seem helpfull. Hope this helps. Why do you cut 3 times a month every 10 days , I would think that would be hard to keep track of. What happens when it rains that will really mess you up. I only do weekly or bi weekly much less complex.


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      The calculator on here will help you out a lot when you start!

      IT seems a little strange but It will tell you how long it takes you to mow and how much you should charge.

      Generally around here ( Seattle Area) I charge $1 a min, I don't tell customers that but that's the way it usually works works sometime I go a little lower to get a job if it's a profitable job.

      1$ a min is industry standard for professionals!


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        Hi Jeff,

        A lot of what you should be charging is based on how long the job takes you to complete.

        Can you tell us a little how much it is taking you to complete these lawns?

        1000sq feet
        2000sq feet
        3000 sq feet
        4000sq feet
        5000sq feet

        Also you have to keep in mind your overhead costs which need to be factored in. Using the business calculators will help you see how overhead costs can effect your hourly rate.
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          You need to price off of time not Sqft. 1000sqft with no trees is not the same as 1000sqft with 4 trees. One house could have a big back and little edging while another is big front with a bunch of edging


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