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    What do you do in such situations? And how do you know the approximate length in time it will take?
    I know where the house is as we did work for the neighbour and I guess they took a card from the side of the truck. They knew the pipe that goes into the well head was leaking, they knew it was down 28" and needed in dug back 4 feet, I could do that in 20 min with the mid sized excavator but it isn't worth unwrapping, all the excavators were sprayed for the winter, digging the excavator and the trailer out, hooking everything up, loading, driving etc.

    I would be shocked if any of the guys with small excavators would dig their equipment out for a job so small, once completed they wanted it back filled so that the pipe doesn't freeze which means I would be waiting around for the well guy to repair the pipe.

    In the spring if we are in the area which we will be, I would have stopped by and done it on route to a bigger job.
    Halifax, Nova Scotia


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      How big of an issue is it during the winter, digging into frozen ground? Does that cause many problems or is that not an issues at all?
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