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    Just a couple of thoughts as we face the same issue, transportation costs pulling the excavators and tractors is crazy at times $70.00 a day in gas is about the norm when we are in full swing, then again gas here is a lot higher than what you pay due to taxes, I pay $4.33 gallon.

    Anyhow have you considered a cargo trailer, I have seen many in the states that look great and are a fraction of the cost we pay, this way your equipment is very secure and you have a lot of space outside to advertise your company on the sides and back.

    I assume you carry insurance, although a risk and a pain, if someone broke into it at least you would be covered.

    What I did was order a 20' trailer, this will allow us to pull an excavator and loader at the same time cutting the number of trips to sites in half, all of my equipment, or the bigger stuff has GPS tracking, if a machine is shut off and we leave it at a site, should it be touched a motion alarm sends a signal to a monitoring station and my blackberry, Law Enforcement consider this a crime in progress and respond immediately at least here.

    All you would have to do is install a unit inside the trailer, not sure of the cost as I still own part of the company that sells these units and monitors them, I think they retail for around $250.00 and monitoring is about $9.00 a month.
    Halifax, Nova Scotia


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      We work in 3 counties for maint. And I'll drive hours for a real good landscape job. We bill at 100 a month but I think this year I'm gonna get aggressive and do 20,000 hangers and dropping the price to 80 a month. I will have at least 50 new maint clients this year


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