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    So I know the season is just ending,but i want to get myself ready for next year and i don't want to have to worry about this when march hits. I really struggled this past year with quoting jobs. Alot of times i found myself discouraged because i bid the job way to low. My intentions are not to be a low baller but i have found myself ending up in that category because i lack knowledge in estimating the jobs So if anyone can please help me out with some hourly quotes or formulas that would be great.

    How do you price a mulch job as far as charging for installing and purchasing the mulch for the customer? Same with topsoil.

    How do you price a fertilization application?

    How do you deal with the customers that say i cant do it for that price. So and so did it for 20 dollars cheaper or 100 dollars cheaper. I ran into that alot this past season. Thanks for your help.

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    Great questions.

    First off, did you find there was a common theme in your bidding, like you did not include enough time in your bid? Where you looked at a job and thought it would take 2 hours but it took 4?

    Can you talk about one bid that was representative of the others you had difficulties with?

    Also have you experimented with the online estimate calculators?
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