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The drain that has turned into a major project

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  • The drain that has turned into a major project

    Here is the drain that has turned into a nightmare.
    In short some blasting was done not far away and had to effect a water table that is very deep, i have never dug a drain this deep but we have to get below the footings of the clients house which in this case is just over 8 feet.

    Also is pics of the new ride, the 60D Excavator, this is one of my excavator operators Justin, he is a Physiotherapist waiting for his first job, just a recent grad, We are just picking it up.

    There is one pic showing the clients pipes from their well to the house, this is why we have to be carefuul, one is 240 volts, 60 amps for the pump, the other the water for the home.

    Pics of a rock wall we are putting along the clients bank, they are on a lake, the 2520 did all this work.

    This job has been a nightmare so I included a pic of the customer and I I am on the excavator and he is smiling that is a good sign as this is going to be a very expensive drain but considering they last insurance claim was over $35,000 and they were told to get the problem fixed which we will, least he is happy.

    The place is a mess, look at the image with the water, I dug down 8 feet then placed a sump pump in with a 1 hose, it could not lower the water table, I have never seen this before but at least we know where the water is.
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    Halifax, Nova Scotia

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    Those are great pictures! I never thought about it but it must be a real pain to be working on an incline like that shown in your third picture. I could see that getting very fatiguing very fast. Does such a slope effect you as an operator?

    Also, how do you mark out where all the pipes and other underground lines are?
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