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    I havent done much leaf removal before and was kicking myself in my *** at about 3 oclock when i was still on the job. I kept doing the math and my head and thought well at least i am making more here than i would if i was still at my job (in my previous life i was a civil engineer)
    The biggest problem was the underlying leaves in some area were soaking wet and would barely move went hit with the blowers ending up either kicking them or just scooping them up onto tarps for a large section.
    Lesson learned though, take a good look at what you need to do before you do it, i just eyeballed it and never turned over any leaves.
    Good news is the home is in a very nice neighborhood, and the homeowner said we did a really good job and would be calling me for some more work, and actually gave me more than the price we had agreed upon.


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