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What do i do with my accounts in the winter??

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  • What do i do with my accounts in the winter??

    Iím located in Northern California and was wondering what I do with my accounts in the winter? No snow here but do I reduce the price and continue to service bi weekly??????? What to do

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    Down here in Florida, The majority is 1 price all year round..

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      Personally I would not change the price, customers will think if they can do it for xxx during off season, why can;t they do it for the same price during the growing season, I would simply offer bi weekly service or every three weeks, I think the key is to find something else you can offer them to continue to build the relationship, in this business it's critical and if you do, the comp will never take your client.

      I think a few of the guys here faced with this figure out how many weeks the will mow the client per year, lets say it's 35, times that by the rate, less say $30, that is $1,050 take that amount and divide by 12 ($87.50) then just charge your client the monthly rate year around, there are many advantages to this mainly cash flow during the not so busy months.
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