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    Weed Control

    Do you think the vinegar mixture and an application of corn gluton would do the trick?
    Gluten8 is a pre-emergent weed controller. It works by preventing germination of seeds. I feel that if you are going to mix something with the Gluten8, you should ad Aerivy or Aerify+. Aerated soil really aids grass rooting. If the grass roots are down 4 inches, the grass is healthy at a height of 4 inches. Get the grass healthy, mow it at 3 inches and let the grass shade the weeds. Most weeds require full sum. Healthy grass roots will growd out the weed roots.

    Also, the soil pH effects weed growth. Most weeds prefer soil pH above 6.5. Make the soil inhospitable to weeds and they will disappear. With the exception of St. Augustine grass all turfs can thrive at a pH of 6.2. Centipede prefers a pH of 4.0 to 6.0.

    In most cases, weeds are present because the turf is unhealthy. Just killing off the weeds doesn’t solve the problem, it just covers it up. Make the turf and soil healthy to solve the problem.



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      Thank you for the link. I asked another question in the forum here

      I understand that in mid summer I can spray English ivy with post chemicals like round-up and it will kill existing weeds but it will not harm the ivy. Is this true, and are there any organic mixtures that will perform similarly? Perhaps I could use the vinegar mixture mentioned before?

      Roundup will kill the Ivy. Their are some situations where you can use roundup like on completely dormant bermuda and centipede. I do not know of any organic products but a product called IMAGE may help clear out the weeds without much harm to the Ivy.