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applying insecticide to new laid sod

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  • applying insecticide to new laid sod

    How long before i can apply a merit insecticide to a newly laid st augastine lawn. I laid it three days ago and noticed 1 grub when i was laying it. Or am I over reacting by just seeing one grub?
    john noack

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    Does anyone have any thoughts they could add to this to help?
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      it takes 12-15 grubs in a square foot before you have a problem. you will always find grubs here and there when digging around, no worries.


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        Applying Insect. to new sod

        With the many different St Augustine strains, you might have Floratam, I'm guessing. If you received it from a sod farm, they will be able to tell you when the last time they fertilized it.
        Kirkland Sod Farm recommends that you fertilize with in 2 - 4 weeks after your sod is laid. A light app. of 6-6-6 applied approximately 10 lbs per 1000 sq. feet. Use granular.
        It is common to see some grubs in new sod, but keep an eye out for brown spotting. Also let you provider know soon as possible if you are having problems.


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