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    I have a customer down in Dallas, Texas who needs their backyard reseeded. They have an abudance of shade and multiple dogs that have a walk path worn down to dirt. The soil in some areas is moist and the maority is hard, compacted dirt. What to do first? Do I need to call electric and water to mark before I till? Should I use a power rake instead or what? She wants it aerated, tilled and reseeded. Help please.

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    Does anyone have any advice on this topic they can share?
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      I'm not in Tex so the type of seed I can not help you.
      Does she want the hole thing tilled , or just the bare spots from the dogs?
      If you are just tilling why should you have the call 2 mark lines. If they no deeper the 4 in They need to be dug up in my mind .But stat to state laws are different. Its free here in NC . At Least call and tell them what your are doing and they will come out and mark the lines if they think it needs to be done.
      If you till the whole back yard / then is it still called over seeding??
      Do you know what type of grass is there now??/ If so does it grow good in places where the dogs have not worn it out??
      I have seen most of the time lowes and home depo carry the grass seeds that work in that area (and on the bags it will say if its full sun or shade). But if you have a seed store such as UAP or Lessco/Johnedeer
      ask the sales rep and they will be glade to help you out and have the best seed on hand!!


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