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    I have a question regarding a lawn installation. I recently put in a lawn for my neighbor. Its been three weeks and its comming in in small patches. His neighbor came over and told me that I am supposed to rake up the straw. Its getting colder and the lawn is still pretty weak. Are you supposed to pick up the straw after you install the lawn?

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    I would leave it alone to it came in. Does anyone else have a thought on this?
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      I would also leave it alone, especially if it is getting cooler. One of the purposes of the straw is to help insulate the ground surface in cool temperatures. Also, keep in mind, YOU ARE THE PROFESSIONAL. While being open to suggestions, don't let customers neighbors tell you how to do your work.
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        lawn installation

        I always leave the straw, especially in cooler weather.


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          leave the straw down it will do no harm what so ever and even when its ready to come up i wouldnt rake it i always just mulch it with the mower after a cut or 2 its gone and it will actully help the lawn
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