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    I know in florida they require a lic, cert. for applying turf pesticides, but what about feralizer, feed and seed for a lawn maint. co., does anyone know the requirerments in florida? How about you Musi/lawnman, i know your in florida? cant get the answer from florida sites, would like to know cust asking if i feed and seed cant answer them and i always try to get the rt answer for my cust. if i don't know it, can anyone help please?

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    Up until recently it was just an occupational license required. I know in my are & I belive tate wide there is a new fertilizer ordinance. I had to take a 6 hour coarse & a test + $25 dollar fee. Contact eh florida state buero of entomology. Or you can contact the local dept here where I went & I'm sure they can point you in the right direction man.
    View here:
    Hope that helps.


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      thank you i will get on that this week, really man


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        Does anyone have any idea for Volusia county regarding the occupational license/other license that is required for putting down seed or other fertilizer? The website listed above is for Charlotte county.


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          Check out their website.

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            Thanks for those links Steve. I have scoured those websites previously and the only thing that remotely resembles what we are trying to do is the section on irrigation permits. That link directs you to the health department website which is no help at all. I guess I'll just have to try and call the county, but you know how extremely UN-helpful those folks can be.


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              ANYWHERE IN FLORIDA You must have a pesticide license plus 1 million dollars in liability insurance, to apply ANYTHING but fertilizer. This is a EPA requirment, First time you get caught without its a 5000 dollar fine, and it then it gets expensive, including jail time.

              DONOT apply roundup anywhere, weed killer (including weed and feed), or any type of insect killer without the proper license.

              People who are licensed and paying for the insurance will turn you in.

              All it takes is having the product in your truck, or in a sprayer in you truck, and you are going down.


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                You must have a pesticide license plus 1 million dollars in liability insurance, to apply ANYTHING but fertilizer.
                Great, so I need a license to distribute anything except fertilizer.

                So what about fertilizer and seed? Does anyone know if these products require any specific type of license?


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