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Zero turn mowers on new lawns

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  • Zero turn mowers on new lawns


    I am new to lawn care and I have a Scag Freedom Z 36. I have 13 accounts. I got the Scag because I heard it was one of the best mowers to get. My problem is that it has been raining here just about everyday. On the few sunny days I have to go out I cut. I try to do big loops with my mower but I have left skid marks in some of the lawns. Is there anything I can do to prevent making that mistake?

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    Quote[/b] ]Is there anything I can do to prevent making that mistake?
    It sounds to me like you are locking down one wheel while turning with the other. Use the full functionality of the lawn mower's hydraulic transmission. Rotate one wheel backward while rotating the other forward. Do it slowly and in unison and you should be able to turn, even in wet grass, without leaving skids.

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      I agree with what Keith said above. But it also sounds like you may be going a little too fast to turn for 1, also unlike with a walk behind or tractor where people typically start around the outside perimiter of a lawn & work in, in tighter & tighter squares.....

      Your running a Z now! Change it up. You should change patterns anyway to avoid ruts in the lawn. Start around the perimiter then go side to side this week, front to back next, or diagonal etc.....


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        I have 2 scags and I know exactly what you are saying. This only happens when it's wet grass though. The best solution that I have found is when it's time to turn around you have to go slow, stop completly then start the turning. When it's dry out just make sure that both wheels spin. Just don't let the inner one spin to fast or you'll have the same problem, but you can go pretty quick once you get the hang of it. Good Luck.


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