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Phosphorus fertilizers ban?

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  • Phosphorus fertilizers ban?

    How has your community been reacting to phosphorus fertilizers?

    Another West Michigan Fertilizer Ban - Last night Allegan County added its name to the list of communities and counties banning phosphorus fertilizers. Too much phosphorus can lead to algae blooms and poor water quality in West Michigan lakes.
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    Our state, Maine, has some laws and rules regarding this. It is pretty much common knowledge, or belief now that additional phosphoruous is NOT needed EXCEPT for starting seed, so any store that sells phosphoruous must have a sign that tells people that it is indeed unneccessary and even environmentally harmful to use phosphorous except in "starter". We have not used it in 3-4 years anyway and "non phos" ferts are readily available here. From the organic approach, one needs to be careful too. Topdressing with manure based organic compost can add up to TEN YEARS worth of phosphorus, depending on rates applied which is worse than applying straight super triple phosphate to a lawn.
    Kenneth LaVoie III
    LaVoie's Landscape Mgmt. Inc.- Winslow, Maine


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