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    I have a lawn that is extremely spongy for lack of a better word, I had the client turn the sprinklers off in Aug Last year and thru the entire winter the lawn stayed the same , she does use chem lawn and they seem to always be applying something to the lawn.. I have a 48 exmark walk behind and I feel that it is going to create ruts.What can I do to toughen the ground under the grass up. any ideas would be great. I don't want to cut it with a 21" I will be there for an hour.

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    Some of these guys that deal more than I do with fertilization & or irrigation maybe able to help you more than I can here but I think they might need to know what type of turf it is?

    Also when running a heavy zt like many of us do, on some types of grass you may find that you need to change up your direction of travel when mowing from time to time (ie. instead of side to side go front to back or diagonal) to lessen the appearance of those ruts or impressions from the weight of your mower.
    It takes a little more time to do a diagonal cut on most lawns but it usually looks nice & gives your normal line of travel a break.


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      Possibly top dress with some sand to improve drainage...although that probably wouldn't have much of an effect for a while.


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