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What Ferts and Pests. Are You allowed to use in Fl

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  • What Ferts and Pests. Are You allowed to use in Fl

    Anybody got any thoughts. I really want to wait till next season to get my liscence, but my cusin just got a fine for using weed b gone in st. augustine without a liscence. What would I be able to use without a liscnce? Any organic thoughts. I was thinking Like clove oil. is that on the list of commercial liscence needing pests?

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    Salt changes the PH level in the ground and will kill weeds/grass/almost anything. I think you may be able to use it since it isnt harmful to people. Other than that, I dont know.
    Northern California


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      Yahh I found that I can use some organics but I wanna make sure. I didn't know if any one has used any of the organics and what would be good.


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        I've used corn gluten's a pre-emergent that has to go down pretty early in the spring or beforehand in the fall/winter. It seemed to work ok, not as good as chemical products though.


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