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too soon for cleanups, to late for cuts??

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  • too soon for cleanups, to late for cuts??

    I am from the RI. The Leaves are starting to fall from the trees now, late. However, it is techincally the last week of cuts and according to schuedule next week starts clean-ups. However, the leaves havent all fallen yet, alot of green leaves. I could keep cutting, however, just to cut the lawn is like a mini clean-up just so I can go over the lawn with my mower(48" hydro lesco and lesco sulky) and I have to pick up clippings. Soo, i have been blowing off the leaves from the lawn with the lil wonder and then cutting it, even still it takes 50% longer for the same money, but its better than none. My father tells me its just for this week, I dunno. If I dont start clean-ups next week I dont think I will be able to finish in Nov. and if it snows Im stuck.

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    Made lots of money this month cutting trees. I will be doing it again next year in October/November too.
    Northern California


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      Thats more or less what I have been making appointments for jobs. I will do a couple cleanups and some installations and such.


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        I have started doing fall cleanups without the leaves. I am trimming all the shrubs, cutting all the hosta, lillies and getting ready so when the leaves do fall, all I have to do at each location is pick them up. If I mow a place now like you are describing, I just tack 5-10$ extra on the bill and call it a mowing/cleanup. But then I bag the leaves and take them with me.


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          Thanx Billz, I have done some research, and that is more or less what I have been told, for example if it is a $50 cut you make it like $75 to blow the leaves on only the lawn, and cut the grass. Fair enough, i guess to both parties.


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            I stop bagging when the leaves fall, i only collect if I do the cleanup. But next year I am going to put in the contract that once the leaves fall we will collect them at the time of mowing. The additional time will be billed per man hour. I would blow the walks and driveway leaves onto the lawn and collect those. I was always afraid to do that for free for fear of canceling the cleanup because all the leaves would be p/up. If I make a good amount over the few weeks on extra time, i would still make out on the extra labor if they canceled.