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Lawn aeration - up, down or the same ?

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  • Lawn aeration - up, down or the same ?

    Have you found yourself doing more, less or about the same amount of lawn aerations as last year.

    Drying up: Landscapers barely scraping by as drought worsens - “It started out good, we had a decent spring,” said Neil Mansfield, who together with his father, Jack, operate M & M Lawncare & Maintenance in Elon. But from mid-spring on, “It was awful.”

    Mansfield, 33, said the part of his business that has been hit the most by the drought is lawn aeration, the process of oxygenating the soil before seeding the ground.

    He said that only people who care a lot about their lawns aerate in the spring, but that’s not too common. He added that he will probably have to start doing that if the weather doesn’t change.

    “It’s better to aerate and seed in the fall because it builds the root system,” he said. “(A lawn) gets better support by feeding and grooming it in the fall.”

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