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  • Buying used

    I been looking on cragslist for walkbehinds and some have 1500 hr on them is that to many ? priced at 1500

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    If it was maintained well, its probably got plenty of life left. Maybe the same for the other powered/moving components. 1500 hrs is getting towards the end of the line otherwise. Before you hand over any $$$ be sure that you or a shop can look it over closely. Take it for a test drive.

    The major components need to be in decent shape. Relatively inexpensive parts that get replaced anyway, like blades or belts, are not to be overly concerned about. Stuff like the condition of the engine, spindles, drive system, controls, frame, and so forth are what you need to look at.

    Dirty air filters are a good indication that PM was lacking. Very dirty and smelly engine oil in another. Look for indications that parts were greased by examining the zerk fittings to see if the grease is dried up. Is it scratched up pretty bad or very dirty? Another sign of abuse. Slop or binding in the hand controls?

    Ask the owner for service records. If its a lawn mowing service, I would tend to look the other way if they don't have them. Good outfits tend to track such items.

    Some machines can demand higher prices than others, usually for a good reason. They are better quality.

    Breakdowns cost money for repairs as well as lost production. Compare the cost of the new machine you are looking at vs used price plus potential expenses to get it into shape.

    My $.02....


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      I would personally stay away from anything with over 1,000 hrs on them. You don't know what hasn't and has been replaced on it. The abuse that it has gotten, etc.


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        Thanks guys you been alot of help!!!!!


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          So what have you decided to do about your equipment?
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            I will buy used everything but will make sure it is maintained.


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              Sometimes it doesn't hurt to go to dealers and ask them for a discount on a demo that they have.


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