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How to handle cust w/chain link fence

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  • How to handle cust w/chain link fence

    Hello, I was wondering how many of you that have done this Lawn Care operation for some time handle customers with chain link fencing? thanks and also is there a basic type of law Care Contract I can download for the upciming Lawn care season.......thanks alot jims56

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    Now are you talking about trimming along a chain link fence?

    Two options: You can either just keep on trimming there and go through trimming line or you can talk to the homeowner about putting something or even spraying at the bottom to prevent grass growth


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      Hi Jim,

      Welcome to our forum!

      Let me know if this link to lawn care contracts works for you.
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        I just trim along... I just make sure to get the =grass there right to the ground, and skip every other week trimming it.


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          If you decide to spray there are a few things to consider.

          Here's one of those "things."

          Are you required to have an applicator's license in your area? Check with your local extension office. Penalties in some areas for applying any type of chemical (yes, even round-up) for a commercial purpose without proper licensure can result in fines and other actions. That might sound overly paranoid but better check just in case.

          For spraying, use as narrow a nozzle as possible to reduce over spray and nasty brown strips several inches from the fence. Don't over mix your chemicals. Mixing to a stronger concentration normally doesn't kill grass any better and it just wastes money.

          For trimming, use as heavy guage line as your trimmer will handle and run your trimmer at a lower rpm than during normal use. This will reduce the amount of line used and will reduce the number of times you have to rewind jamed-up line.

          Good luck. Chainlink = Blah!

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