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  • Our Obligation

    Do you feel that it is our obligation right now to switch our equipment for low emission equipment, or do you think that it is better to wait until laws require us to do so? Please explain why

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    Which equipment makers out there are offering low emission equipment that you really like?
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      It will most likely be a long time before they do much about small engines...I wouldnt be too worried about it.

      The amount of time the engines are acually running is not much compaired to trucks/cars/semi's. Besides whos going to regulate this? And could you imagin how hard that job would be...look how many lawn company's dont even letter the truck or trailer.

      Just my $0.02


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        That is what I am having a hard time getting past Tony. Can you imagine the sky rocketed price increase for customers if we have to switch over to lower emissions or electric equipment. It would be unbelievable!


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