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  • Mowing for Realestate Companies...

    Has anyone set anything up with any realestae companies as far as mowing goes? Last year, I noticed that houses are not selling to well and some of the lots were out of control? Any opinions?

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    From a firm believer in the nothing ventured, nothing gained, theory....

    Check with local code enforcement office to see if the town/city/county has adopted any property maintenance standards pertaining to the condition of lawns. The city where I live has done so, in fact I have a copy I keep with me. See if you can get one. Most property owners would rather not face the prospect of court action, or may not even be aware of such ordinances being on the books. The idea is not to blackmail, but to enlighten and show that you are the solution.

    Don't be bashfull about speaking with the agent that has his/her name on the signs. A face to face is better than a phone call. Be prepared with an estimate and be ready to answer any questions posed to you. Keep in mind that a great deal of the work related to real estate is legal in nature and very detail oriented. A good contract is in order. You need to be paid so spell it out who will pay you, the office or the property owner, and when.

    At least around here, there is not too much business to be had with realtors, but you never know.


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      I have mowed for real estate offices before. Very good to get in with them. A lot of times I am send over to maintain the property just before it sells. Kind of like a send off from the new home owner


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