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Government bids online?

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  • Government bids online?

    Does your city have a website that announces and accepts bids online?

    Workshop to help businesses bid on projects - The city wants to make it easier for businesses to bid on goods and services it plans on buying, city spokesman Mark Kruea said.

    So, for example, if the city needs landscaping services, it will put a request on the site. Landscaping businesses can then download an application and submit a sealed offer to the city with the cost.

    The city will then open them all at once, compare them and choose a winner.

    The Web site is part of a city effort to help educate small-business owners about the way local governments solicit bids. The city and other local governments will host a workshop Feb. 22 on the topic.
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    Within our city depending on the amount of the bid, depends on whether it is posted in the local newspaper. If I remember correctly, anything over $1,500 they have to post in the newspaper.


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