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  • De-thatching

    We are submitting a bid and as I look over services he wants performed on his property I found de-thatching, while my husband like the rest of you know this answer I do not, since he's not here now I'll ask you. My questions are. Is this service provided in fall or spring? Do I charge this by the hour (which i am guessing is yes) If you can answer this it will save me from asking him and getting the long version, which I am sorry to say I really am not prepared to hear. THANKS> Okay I do want a good short version though.

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    Normally you want to do dethatching during the spring months BEFORE you have put down your pre-emergent (if you do put that down). *Only do dethatching if there is a 1/2 inch of thatch or greater.

    Many people will say that you should do dethatching in the spring or fall for cool season grasses, and during the spring for warm season grasses. *

    Another thing to remember if and when you do dethatching in the spring to make sure to follow up with a pre-emergent. *After dethatching you take that protective layer away from the lawn, and now more moisture and sunlight to help the weed gerimate better. Some thatch is good for the lawn though as long as it is under 1/2 inch.

    Don't forget that your lawn will be under stress for 20-30 days after a dethatching as well. *

    Now when it comes to the price, I price it out by the square footage. *My price is $28 per 1,000 sq ft, with a $50 minimum charge. *You have to think that you are not only dethaching the lawn, but then having to haul away the material as well. *Dethatching can be a very tiring and dirty service. *Charge what you think that it should be worth to get that tired and that dirty for.


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      Thank you for the information. It leads me to another question. If de-thatching was done in fall would you need to do it again in the spring? Or not?


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        My opinion is that you should only have to dethatching probably once every 2 years. But of course it's based on the amount of thatch build up.

        Another thing to do perhaps instead of dethatching is aeration. With aeration I recommend doing that once a year.


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