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Equipment security after hours

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  • Equipment security after hours

    What kinds of things do you suggest to keep your equipment safe from theft?

    This LCO so far hasn't been allowed to even put up a fence on his property to protect his equipment due to zoning issues.

    Business owner asks for fence after $200,000 in thefts - A Cape Coral man says he wants to protect his property after someone stole $200,000 worth of lawn care equipment. He wants to build a fence to guard his gear, but he's not getting permission from the city.

    Workers with Stone Ferris Lawn Care say if they could just move their equipment to the new lot they purchased, they wouldn't have to worry about stolen equipment anymore. The problem is, they say Cape leaders are ignoring their request to put up a fence around their property. Until then, the lawn care company says each night their equipment is at risk.

    Robert Ferris, owner of the company, says its hard to turn a profit when your constantly having your equipment stolen from you.

    "In five years, I have made no money - nothing. I mean, I don't have anything," said Ferris. "I have bought 17 edgers. It's a small item for $300. But I bought 17 of them. Of the 17, I only have five left in five years

    Ferris says he's had over $200,000 worth of equipment stolen - including a $42,000 heist that just happened on Wednesday.

    The thieves got away with some expensive tractors, mowers, and even his pickup truck.

    "When it happens in the middle of the season, all you can do is regroup. You lose everything, you have to get stuff and you have got to borrow money. I had to borrow $20,000 today," said Ferris.
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    I have a garage big enough to keep all my gear under one roof. If needed I can back the loaded trailer right in.

    If kept outside I would suggest heavy cables and locks along with an alarm. Can't see why an auto alarm system couldn't be adapted to tractors and bigger pieces of eqipment. But you still have to be able to hear them go off. After that much of a loss over the years, what is the possibility the insurance company would subsidize the installations for him?


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      This is a tracking deive by Dewalt that you can put on your extra. If it is moved at all after hours an alarm goes off and notifies you. You can also pinpoint the equipment with GPS tracking.

      I will try to find the link for it


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        Here you go, found the link


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          WoW that is an awesome find!

          Have you ever heard any lcos using that? I wonder if it would be cost prohibitive.
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            I have not heard of any lcos using them. I came across them last year and thought they were pretty cool


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