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  • Clean-up by the Foot

    I am drawing up contracts for the first time ever. I would like to know how some of ya'll charge on a yearly basis for spring and fall clean up.

    Do you estimate by the hour?

    Or do you estimate by the 1000sqft method?

    I am thinking of doing the 1000sqft method and just wanted to know what some of ya'll think. What are some of your ways. Thanks.

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    Best to do it by the hour. The reason being is, what happens if you do a 5,000 sq ft clean up, that has 20 oak trees on the property. That would be horrible.


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      No question that tiedeman is right. Since he mentioned Oak Trees, you might need to go out twice or three times on the same property. Do you want to get paid once by the FT2 or 3 times, with the last two being easy cleanups?
      Square footage usually comes from a lawn care background. I don't think it fits well with grounds maintenance.