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Trim weeds around a property without asking

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  • Trim weeds around a property without asking

    Here is an lco who will work on surrounding properties without being paid or asking permission. Is this a good idea or a bad one?

    Neighbor makes weeds, trash his business - Wolfe has owned a landscaping business for the past decade, employing three to five part-time employees, who don't always show up.
    "He's so good at seeing things and seeing how things can look," she said. "No matter what the weather, he doesn't make excuses for not doing anything."
    Wolfe said he can spend 15 minutes to several hours fixing someone's yard, and sometimes takes initiative and trims weeds around a property without asking the owner.
    Neighbor John Hlebo was once returning from the grocery store when he saw Wolfe trimming some weeds around his property.
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    It's great that he is doing something like that perhaps as a hobby, but not as part of the business. Can you imagine if he did that 5 times a day. He would be out of 1 1/2 hr of paid labor.

    Now if he wants to clean up the neighborhood in his spare time as giving something back to the community, that would be great.


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      You will also run into the occassional neighbor who isn't neighborly, and will take strong exception to you so much as setting foot on his property.



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