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Dealing with drought conditions

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  • Dealing with drought conditions

    I know we have a few forum members from Australia here that post from time to time. From the looks of this article, it seems there are some big drought problems going on in Australia.

    First we have a warm winter and then there are these drought conditions going on. It makes you wonder, what's next?

    Drought costs business - LAWN mowing businesses in the south-west are suffering from the drought which has stunted lawn growth.

    Operators have reported a drop-off in business and some have recorded large losses of income.

    CY Landscaping owner Colin Langley said his business had suffered a significant loss during spring and early summer.

    ``My business has lost $12,000 over the spring/summer season,'' Mr Langley said.

    ``Because there was no spring rain we haven't had the growth.''

    The Camperdown landscape gardener, who has been in the industry for 16 years, said he had not experienced a season as bad as this one.

    ``Customers that are on a two-to-three-week roster are out to six weeks,'' he said.

    ``There has been a large drop in income.''

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    that would be horrible

    The last bad drought that was here was back in 2004 if I remember correctly


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