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    Does your area require 48 hour notification? How do you think these laws will effect the industry?

    Pesticide notification law about to take effect in Ulster County - Members of the Ulster County Legislature's Environmental Committee are reaching out to other counties enrolled in the state's mandatory 48-hour pesticide notification law as the county prepares to educate the public about the measure, which takes effect Jan. 1.

    "We're committed to the education component, to making this happen, and it's going to be easier because we have neighboring counties that have gone before us," Tracy Bartels, a member of the Legislature's Environmental Committee. "The Legislature is committed to protecting the public, which is what this law is about."

    The state law requires commercial applicators to send 48-hour written notification to the owners of adjoining properties for most pesticide spray applications. It also requires retail businesses to post warning signs and homeowners to mark off treated areas larger than 100 square feet. The county Health Department will enforce the regulations, and consequences include fines and criminal sanctions.
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    Every year we are sent a notification list from the Michigan Department of Agriculture. We have to notify those customers in advance, if we plan on servicing their neighbors.


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