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prohibits use of phosphorus for lawn care

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  • prohibits use of phosphorus for lawn care

    This was from a Michigan paper. I was thinking of Troy when I read this.

    Are you starting to hear more rumblings about this in your area?

    Ottawa prohibits use of phosphorus for lawn care - Ottawa County homeowners who want to keep their lawns lush won't be able to apply fertilizers containing phosphorus, starting in 2008.

    On a 9-2 vote Tuesday, county commissioners approved an ordinance banning use of such fertilizers on residential lawns, except in specific situations. Lawn and garden retailers still will be able to sell the fertilizers.

    Proponents say the measure is needed to reduce the amount of phosphorus ending up in county waterways.
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    my fertilizer guy uses non phosphorus fertilizers anyway. The lawns look great...I don't think this will generate a lot of problems.


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      It has been going on here for a while. Supposedly two things: Michigan soil are already rich in phosphorous levles, and second the phosphorous runs into the lakes and rivers causing algae problems.

      I really don't have a problem with it at all. I read a magazine this past fall where Michigan State University did a study on run off of Nitrogen & Phosphorous and their findings were inconclusive.


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