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Five-year program gets rid of grubs forever

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  • Five-year program gets rid of grubs forever

    I thought this was interesting. Do you think it would work?

    Five-year program gets rid of grubs forever - To summarize for you yardeners new to this column, my lawn care program involves four simple steps and most yardeners don't do any of them. The steps include overseeding the lawn every four or five years starting next spring, always mowing the grass tall at two inches or more, using only slow release nitrogen fertilizer just once in the spring and once in the fall and, most importantly, leave a half-inch of finely chopped leaves over the lawn in the fall every year forever.

    If you have weeds, grubs, moles or some other problem, they do not disappear in the first year of this lawn care system. So you will need to use some pesticides next year and maybe one more year after that; then no more. The key is to use no pesticide from now one that will harm earthworms or soil microbes; you need them to solve the problems. You might have to overseed two years in a row to really get a handle on the weeds. Tall thick grass is an ecosystem that harbors ants, spiders, and ground beetles, which in a few years prevent virtually all insect problems. As you add organic matter each year, more and more of the nitrogen needed by your grass is produced by the earthworms, nitrifying bacteria, and the grass clippings.
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