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New EPA laws coming?

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  • New EPA laws coming?

    Are you concerned about new laws effecting lawn apllications?

    Check this out.

    Changing Congress Signals Need for Increased Advocacy - Delaney says the EPA has an initiative to look at regulations on testing, licensing and supervising those who use pesticides. The EPA may require more people to be licensed and have additional training. There is also talk about creating a requirement for supervision of lawn care operators who use pesticides on the job.
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    It's going to come sooner than later. The only problem that I can see happening though, is the fallout from congressmen supporting bans. Think about it. Look at BASF, Scotts, Lesco, DOW, etc. If they do bans on chemicals or really tighy restrictions, those companies will no longer support a particular person(s) in congress.


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