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  • Take care of it in the spring?

    This is a pet peeve of mine, and I vented on it a little bit earlier in regards to LCO's taking on too many clean ups.

    I have heard it a hundred times for other LCO's, "If we don't take care of the fall clean up this fall, we can do it in the spring."

    That just drives me nutz. It is called a fall clean up for a reason. I have heard it before, and they could care less. They feel that it's ok to let it go and grab it in the spring. STOP! Do not take on more work than you can do. You are not providing customer service at all to customers by letting them slide until spring. By leaving the leaves on the lawn not only can you cause disease, but you are robbing the grass that extra chance of photosynthesis before winter.

    I would rather be accused of doing too many clean ups, then not doing a single one at all and it has to be done in the spring.

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    Good point. It also drives the customers nuts too because they view it as a messy yard and want it cleaned up.

    If their primary company won't do it, they will call someone else.
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      I agree. I just hate that. I have been in the situation before of where I couldn't do the work after I accepted it, and told the customer sorry I can't do it. Then I refer at least two other companies to take care of them. Then what I have done is call up the other two companies and notify them of the customer for they can take care of them and hopefully put that customer to the top of their list


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        It is companies like that, that makes customers nervous about contractors. You need to be honest with clients and keep them informed. Especially if you cannot complete a job.


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