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    is it worth using top of the line fertilizer for my customers...i was told jonathan green was very good with a 1 yr gaurantee on it...but its there that much of a difference between the expensive and the cheap...does anyone out there give their customers 2 estimates one for standard fertilizer and one for the good stuf

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    It really depends on whether it is a liquid or granular, the mixture rate, the granular size, etc.

    I have had great results with low priced fertilizers compared to high priced. Now when it comes to pesticide products, I have had mixed results. Sometimes the low priced works well, but other times the high priced works well. It also depends on the chemical content, application rate, conditions outside, temperature, humidtiy, time of year, etc.

    For example, with crabgrass pre-m I have always had great results with the high end compared to low end products. But when it comes to post, to control dandelions, I have had great results with low end products. I would suggest to experiment yourself, and feel out what works the best


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